Economic Development Board


310 Chestnut St.
Van, TX 75790

P.O. Box 1046
Van, TX 75790

903-963-1059 or 903-963-7216

Link: Economic Development Board Page

We strive to retain and expand local businesses while attracting new businesses and industry by fostering a business friendly environment.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Weidman, Tammy EDC Executive Director 903-963-1059  
Morrow, Danny EDC President 903-963-8713  
Myers, Candice EDC Vice President 800-962-2267  
Penny, Chase EDC Secretary 903-963-3074  
Hilliard, Sherran EDC Treasurer 903-963-8613  
Wheeler, Dwayne Director 903-963-8887  
Lopez, Ivy Director 903-340-7972  
Burns, Ernie Director 903-963-2277